The Collagist Issue 102, April 2019
“Cake Sonnet”
“Birthday Poem”

Hunger Mountain #23, Silence & Power
“Crystal Vision, with Chrysalis”

Crab Creek Review, Fall 2018
“The Swan”

Pretty Owl Poetry, Fall 2018
“Why do not witches become rich?”

Stirring, Fall 2018

Entropy, “Birds of the Northeast” 

Thrush Poetry Journal, July 2018
“The Snake”

Bad Pony, Issue 4
“Song for Medea,” “The Angels Tell a Story”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, April 2018
“Of the Way whereby a Formal Pact with Evil is made”

Passages North, Issue 39

Rogue Agent 32, November 2017
“Crystal Vision”

Rogue Agent 31, October 2017
“The Angels Tell a Story”

Drunk Monkeys, September 2017: Vice and Virtue
“The Passionate Fuckboy to his Love”

Menacing Hedge, Summer 2017
“The Medusa,” “The Pegasus,” “Nice Girls”

Columbia Poetry Review No. 30, 2017
“The Minotaur,” “Inside Out Villanelle”

Curious Specimens Anthology, Sundress Publications 2017
“Man Turning Into a Centaur and Back Again”

Gingerbread House, August 2016
“The Eschatologist’s Wife”

Tinderbox Poetry 3.2
“Moon Song”

Tinderbox Poetry 3.1
“Leda & The Swan”

New South, Issue 9.1, March 2016
“Hunting & Foraging”

Animal Literary Magazine, February 2016
“Still Life”

Thank You for Swallowing, September 2015

Quaint Magazine, Issue 4
“Vancouver, July 2012,” “On Red”